The Wednesday Wag on Thursday.

I went for my much needed Spa Day today!!!  Mom has been calling me a fluffykins as I have been really, really wooly.  In fact I have not had a cut since before Christmas!!!! 

Here I am before I set out.  Mom has been brushing me even more than normal to keep the fluff down!!!


Here I am back home!  Mom says we have half a dog now after all the fluff has gone!!!!


I am sorry for appearing nude in the pictures but my collar is being washed, along with all my beds and my soft toys!!!  Mom was going to also wash the actual baskets but the weather has turned cooler, of course, and they need to be done on a warm sunny day!!!  I am sure she will get around to it soon. 

I feel so much better and a lot cooler even though it is not as hot as it has been the last few weeks.  In fact Mom thought I had actually put on some weight but it just turned out to be fluff!!!!!

I hope you are having a terrific Thursday.

Woofy Hugs, Treacle xx

3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag on Thursday.

  1. farmquilter

    Oh, looking smart, Treacle!! Of course, I rather like the woolly look on you!! I have been brushing Hunter daily and getting so much fur off of her! She is blowing her coat and leaves clumps of fur all over the house, even with me getting 7-8 large pads of fur off with the shedding brush. If she rubs against any furniture just walking by it, she leaves behind a ton of fur!! I’m glad Tara doesn’t shed like that!

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