At this time of year I have to start to get things ready for our business year end!!  Which means getting the oldest of our stored business files out and shredding them to put the current year in.  So today I have done nothing but shredding!!!  Four huge bags full of old files which will be off to the recycling centre tomorrow!!! 


However, whilst shredding, I have continued to watch the Game of Thrones episodes and have now reached the final series and the controversial episodes where Dani burns Kings Landing.  Having watched all of them now one after another I feel that she was right to burn it!!!  I know, I know, all the innocents but I mean really Cersei and killing Missandei the way she did!!!! 

It will be really interesting to see how Mr Martin deals with it in the final book, if he ever publishes it!  I have read all the books, before the series was ever on, and I know there is a lot in there which of course could never have been put in the series.  However I will make one prophecy I think, at the end of the final book, as Jon Snow goes through the gate at The Wall with the Wildlings, he will find Drogon and Daenerys alive and waiting for him and they will go off and live beyond The Wall, away from The Game of Thrones??????????????????  Hopefully it won’t be too long before the book will be published and it will take all my will power not to go straight to the end of the book to see what happens!!!!

Tomorrow I will continue with getting things ready for the start of our new business year on June 1st.  Goodness knows how things are going to be once we actually get back to work properly, I am hoping that it won’t be as bad as they are saying but no one knows!!! 

I hope you are having a terrific Tuesday whatever you are up to.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    I have so much to shred that I put the files in banker’s boxes and take them – 10 boxes as a time – to a business that shreds it for me, for $5 a box! I would burn out shredders and fill my recycling bin right quick if I tried to do that. Hubby is here taking care of my as I called him yesterday morning telling him I needed him. He took me to the doc and is picking up meds for me right now.

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