A Flower Show.


Sorry for no post on Friday but I decided to take the day off!  Not of course that I went anywhere, but I did some jobs other than work!!!! 

Anyway I hope you all had a good weekend as we start Week 9 of Lockdown! I carried on with my jobs over the weekend that I started on Friday and also got some gardening done.  The weather is supposed to turn warm again this week and next Monday we have another holiday, long weekend, not that at the moment it makes a lot of difference.


This time last year we were at the Chelsea Flower Show, which is not running this year because of the situation.  However they have done a virtual one, on line, which from tomorrow you will be able to view.  There are talks by various experts, questions can be asked and answered and lots of other all things gardening.  Here is the link.

I am planning my days where I work all morning and then after lunch try and do something else to break the day/week up.  Our Boys are still waiting for their start back dates and they are hoping it will be by June 1st.  Our Government are hoping that by July things will be back to as near normal as possible but who knows.  It all depends upon how things go and at the moment it feels like the blind leading the blind. 


Of course being in Lockdown the TV programmes have not been very good but they have been showing all the series of Game of Thrones, so I have been watching that.  I think watching it episode after episode with no break in between you do benefit from the clues and it is easier to follow.  Sometimes it was so long between series you had forgotten what happend previously!!!!  I am really enjoying it!

I hope you have a great week and stay safe.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

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