This little lady is 12 today!

The first of the family to have a Birthday in Lockdown!!!!  Mine is next, will we still be in Lockdown then?!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Two weeks ago, above, when it was lovely and warm and sunny!

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This morning.  DH went out early again, so Treacle had been out, had breakfast and so came back to bed.  Don’t blame her on her Birthday!  We got up at 8.00am!!!


The day we go her home!


Eldest with her, he was 12.


Youngest with her, he was 8.


Treacle with our dear Kelly!  Kelly’s look says “What have you brought home?!!!”


This was Kelly’s favourite sitting spot, above, looking into the garden, so Treacle on the right copied her!!!!


Two very pretty grown up Airegirls!!!!  They had both just come back from the Spa so I got a picture before they got messy again!!!


Treacle again just back from the Spa!!!


The Boys with Treacle not long after we got her.


All three of them ten years later!!!!  Eldest 22, Youngest 18 and Treacle 10!!!!!

Unfortunately because of Lockdown we can’t all be here but I am sure we will have a second celebration when we can.  She is opening her presents tonight when DH gets back and we will be video calling the rest!!!!

Happy Birthday Treacle, we all love you!!!!

Stay Safe all.

Hugs & Love, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Treacle.

  1. farmquilter

    Treacle certainly has had a wonderful life with your family. So loved and cared for!! She’s one lucky girl!!! Happy Birthday, Treacle!!! We all love you!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Happy 12th Birthday, Treacle! You were the most adorable puppy! Mom had to laugh when we saw Kelly’s reaction to you becoming a new member of the family. She remembers Maggie’s horror so well when Mitch strode into Mackie’s dad’s workshop for the very first meet and greet. LOL

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