May Day!


We have done really well in April with all the nice and warm sunny weather we have had rather than the usual April showers!  In fact I think Lockdown has been a little bit easier because the weather has been so nice!!!

Lots of experts say you should reflect on the month just gone and see what you could have done better and assess everything.  I think this year the whole World will be assessing everything in light of the current situation.  I am glad that because of the Lockdown I have got lots done around our home and the Spring Cleaning finished and am now starting on some other jobs, including my quilting.  It think also that Lockdown has made us all slow down, which can never be a bad thing in this busy day and age.

We have some April showers types of days over the next week but it is then getting warmer again with sunshine.  The gardens need the rain.  DH and Eldest will be tackling the attic over the weekend, all it needs is tidying up as we got rid of all the excess last year.

We are still waiting from our Government to hear how we are going to come out of the Lockdown whilst trying to avoid a second spike in cases but I do not think that life will be going back to anywhere near normal for a long time.  We shall see.

I am going to get some nice jobs done over the weekend, bit of quilting, some more work on the Boys memory books, some baking oh and a basket of ironing to do!!!! 

I hope whatever you are up to, stay safe, and have a great weekend. 

Hugs & Love, Susie xx



WhatsApp Image 2020-04-29 at 07.40.12

Your Daily Treacle.  This was the other morning after DH had left at 5.00am, I had made a drink and his sandwiches and he left, Treacle had been out, been fed so came back to bed!!!!!  She was like this until it came time for me to make our bed!!!!!

2 thoughts on “May Day!

  1. farmquilter

    One thing I don’t miss is ironing shirts!! I’m glad you are caught up on all your spring cleaning…my slog through paperwork continues. Enjoy the warm days of May and the flowers that come with that beautiful weather!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    We don’t think things will be back to normal for a long time to come either, Miss Susie. You’re not spoiled too much are you, Treacle☺♥ Happy May Day!

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