What To Do If You Have to Self Isolate!


Okay we have to acknowledge the elephant in the room!!! If you are unfortunate and get the Coronavirus, hopefully you will not feel dreadful and it is in fact a mild case but you still have to self-isolate, possibly with the rest of the family, for two weeks, what do you do?  As we know some are climbing the walls after just a few days of being all together at Christmas, so how do you avoid this?

You need a plan! 

I also think you need a routine rather than just getting up and wondering what on earth you are going to do for the next twelve hours!!!! 


As we are into the Spring months now so you, or however many you have at home, can get down to Spring Cleaning all the rooms in your home.  Also a good way of ensuring all your things are clean. 


Have you got a room, attic or somewhere that needs sorting out, throwing things out etc?  Have a go at getting that organised.


Do you need to do any decorating?  Perhaps you could ensure you have some paint in so you could tackle that job.


If the weather is okay and you have a garden then that is always a good thing to do and gets you out in the fresh air.


How about starting a new hobby?  If you haven’t got the things in you need to start you can always research it on the web and make a list of things you will need. 


Books, reading!  I would be okay as I have lots of books but you could always get a few books in just in case.


Photographs!  How many of you have piles of photographs somewhere, you could organise them into years.  A great tip, if you haven’t got any albums, write on the back of the picture who it is or where it is and roughly the year, because that knowlege can disappear.   I have a box full of pictures from my Grandmother’s home and I know they are all relatives but I have no clue as to their names and ages and where the pictures were taken!!!


If you are all together then spending a few hours apart in different parts of your home if you can is a good idea.


If you are able to you could try new recipes for dinner especially if they are more complicated as you have time to do them instead of cooking at the end of a busy day.


Finally there are the streaming networks, Netflix et al, where there are box sets of different shows which you can spend many hours watching especially if the weather is dreadful. 


If you have children with you in isolation then obvously keeping them occupied can be more difficult depending upon their ages.  Our Boys loved it when they couldn’t go outside when we built forts in our sitting room out of the clothes airer and blankets!!!  They are also fans of board games, how about a marathon Monopoly game?  Teach them or learn to play chess.  Just spending more time together than you are noramlly able to because of work is a good thing.


Obviously we hope that you are able to get supplies in the two weeks and we all need to make sure that if we know someone in this situation we help where we can. 


Anyway those are a few ideas of what to do if you have to self-isolate.  I think that if we have to do this then a positive attitude goes a long way to helping.  Just think of it as fourteen Snow Days!!!!!

Stay safe.

Hugs & Love

Susie, DH, Eldest, Youngest & Treacle  xxxxx

2 thoughts on “What To Do If You Have to Self Isolate!

  1. farmquilter

    Great ideas, Susie! If you know someone who is sick – I have a friend at home and they both are sick – take them food that’s easy for them to reheat in the microwave (chicken soup), because if you are running a 103 degree fever, you don’t have the energy to do anything!! Even if you have to put the soup in a ziplock bag and do a “doorbell ditch” to avoid contact (of course, call first to let them know you are bringing food over). They may also not have the staples they need and you could either go to the shops (or shop your pantry) to help them out. Of course, if you are sick, don’t go out. That is what my sick friend’s sick husband did – went to the post office twice (this was before they knew what they had, but the were both sick) – he should have known better and not been so selfish. If people can’t follow the rules or think this virus is being hyped by the media, they should face jail/prison time (follow Italy’s lead on this one). the only way we are going to stop this, is for people to isolate themselves, all around the world. Farmers, thankfully, are used to working alone or with their employees at different parts of the farm, so they can continue with spring planting, keeping the 6’/1 m distance between them. Love your suggestions for what to do if you aren’t sick and are given the gift of 2 weeks together!!

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