Monday Morning Blues!

I am definitely not going to be listening to or reading the news!! It just seems so terrible but then again I feel I aught to just in case I miss something I need to know!!!  It really is a Catch 22 situation.  I have been out and about today doing some business things and the virus is all that anyone can talk about!


My Grandparents lived through two Wars and my parents through WWII and they experienced the sort of things which are happening over here in the UK but for several generations we have not seen this sort of thing.  Empty shelves in the supermarkets, restriction on movement, possible isolation (although they never experienced that in both Wars!) Which is why I think there is a little bit of panic around. 


Certainly with the food situation people are behaving like they do at Christmas.  Buying as if the stores will never open again!!!  Although I will say that it is partly the Government’s fault.  We have been told that we must isolate for two weeks if we have or possibly may have the virus so people are stocking up just in case.  However we are then accused of panic buying!!!  We don’t have any family so if we had to self isolate then it would be difficult for us to get food in. 


Which brings me to another issue which I am really cross about!  I have the bulk of my grocery shopping delivered each week which saves me a lot of time (I just go out and buy the fresh food) and I have done this since my supermarket started doing deliveries.  Now I am unable to get any slots in the next three weeks because people have jumped onto the band wagon and taken all the slots available, grr!!!  However I will go to the store to get everything but will be there at 7.00am when they open as I hate crowds!!!


We have checked on family and friends to make sure they are all okay and have everything they need and at the moment everyone is okay.


DH and I are due to go away over the Easter break to Scotland, the Boys and Treacle are staying at home.  At the moment we are still okay to go as it is a holiday cottage but if we do go we will probably be staying close to home and just going out for long walks around where we stay.  I am worried about the Boys and Treacle though and if we do go will be in touch with them every day!!!!


There was an article in The Telegraph yesterday by one of their Columnists who raised a very valid point.  We, in the UK, have not heard from the head of the Church of England, The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby over the current crisis!  He took over in 2013 and has managed to stick his nose in to anything political and criticise whichever Government is in power at the time and also the Church pension fund had invested some of its money in one of the worst Pay Day Lenders!!!!  Yet he has not said one word or offered any form of comfort at all during this current issue!!  I believe he should be out there doing something!  Pehaps he is too busy buying toilet rolls!!!!

I haven’t liked the man since he was appointed and I am not happy with the vicar  at our village church either which does create a bit of a problem!!!!  However we are all being encouraged not to go to Church at the moment so that solves one problem!

The whole thing is making me feel very jaded and almost like I want to stick my head in the sand and hope that it will all go away!  We have had even more business things cancelled and now DH is getting cancellations of events he was supposed to be commentating at.  Little does he know that that means we can get lots of jobs done at home!!!!!!  They say every cloud has a silver lining!!!!!

Stay safe All and don’t forget to keep washing those hands.

Hugs & Love Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues!

  1. farmquilter

    I have been ordering my groceries online and just picking them up from the store for the last year. Now, I can’t even place an order because all the slots for pickup have been filled. I’m so glad that as soon as I heard about the virus in China I have been adding to my pantry. I don’t like to shop, even without the virus, because I know I can bring germs into the house that can kill my dad, but it looks like I’m not going to have a choice if I want to get any fresh fruits, vegetables or milk into the house. At the farm I have more options and hubby is much more flexible in what he will eat!! I’m happy to hunker down and stay home…I could easily survive on what I have here for months if I was alone! Dad requires more and different foods. Ugh. Are you likely to get stuck in Scotland if you go there or would you be required to self-isolate for 2 weeks after returning home? I know Australia is forcing everyone who comes into the country to isolate for 2 weeks, no matter what! Interesting that our freedoms to do pretty much what we want are being taken away and oh how people are whining!! “I can’t see my spouse who is in a nursing home” or “I can’t go here or there” or “My business has been forced to close, what will I do”…we are spoiled rotten and I hope that the current restrictions will make us appreciate our freedoms more!! Countries like China and North Korea, where they do what they are told no matter what, had an easier time locking down their countries!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    All anyone talks about is the coronavirus here too and it’s all the news people report on TV and the radio. Schools are closed and churches are closed and any business where people can gather and spread germs – they’re closed too. We’re all supposed to stay at home. The grocery store is the only place that I will go and I haven’t been since last Wednesday so I have no idea if shelves are empty or not. I hate the hoarding situation but there is not much we can do about it. Stay safe! It’s all we can hope to do.

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