The Garden is Waking Up.

We have had a few days in recent weekends where the weather has been okay for DH and I to get out and do some tidying in the garden.  One major job was to put all our tools etc back into our shed, out of the Boys Den, now that our neighbours have finished their building works.  This meant that the patio furniture is out sooner than normal but if the weather is still good we need to re-stain them anyway!

The Spring flowers are all flowering and it is so good to see some colour back in the garden after the winter.


These tiny daffodils always do well in the pots and the Violas have flowered again.


The Violas in these pots have not done as well over the winter.


Only eight of the twenty five big daffodils have survived the wretched squirrel!!! Grr


Our Reindeer and Baby have moved to their summer qurters near the beautiful lemon primroses.

It has been wonderful to see the sun over the last few days as well, after all the rain we have had over the last few months. 


Treacle enjoying the sunshine.  DH cleared up all the leaves which had fallen over the winter.


Shed and my little growhouse and veg planter are out and just need re-staining.


The furniture out and again it needs re-staining.




Treacle helping us and making the most of the sunshine.  The Boys Den also needs re-staining.


Keeping an eye out for the wretched squirrel.


“Is it not biscuit time yet, Mom?”


Treacle trying to blend into the bushes!!!

One big job to do in the garden is to trim the plants/bushes and trees which have had a growth spurt over the winter with all the rain!!! One side DH and I can do but the other side we need the help of the Boys and a long weekend!!!  I will show you pictures when we have done those jobs.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “The Garden is Waking Up.

  1. farmquilter

    Your garden looks beautiful!! So green with flowers blooming!! Nothing is blooming in my yard…the only bulbs that survived the neglect of my father are some irises. They are popping up green but probably won’t bloom for another month. We are expecting snow again this weekend!

  2. Molly the Airedale

    Your gardens are so lovely and your grass is so green and the flowers are such a welcome sight! Mom spent yesterday raking and trimming in front of our house but we don’t have the emerald grass and flowers that you do yet. You look so happy to be out and about, Treacle!

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