Busy Few Days.

DH and I were up very early on Thursday to get to Crufts to avoid the traffic.  Despite all the news about Coronavirus, it did not stop people turning up to show and see all the wonderful dogs.  Girlfriend’s Mom has been very busy with their two Pugs, Ralphy & Dotty, taking part in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.  Ralphy had done so well he had been invited to Crufts for him to show what he has learnt and to take part in his Bronze examination!  Ralphy is just over a year old and has been doing really well with his training, however Dotty has outstripped him and already on to her Silver award!!! 

Here are some pictures of the day.  Ralphy had two practice sessions and then the main examination was in the afternoon.


The test involves many aspects one of which is being still whilst being groomed and also being still whilst they are examined so that they are well behaved when they go to the vets.  Here is Ralphy with Girlfriend’s Mom being groomed.


Obviously the Stay without being held is a very important part of the course.  Here is Ralphy on his practice.


Walking to lead without being distracted by other dogs, people etc.


The picture above is the actual test and one of the main parts is the stay from a distance for one minute.  This was Ralphy’s most challenging part but he sailed through with flying colours.


All the dogs who took their Bronze exam.  Three did not pass due to them moving at the stay. 


Ralphy passed and is now onto his Silver course!  Getting his Certificate and rosette.


Team Picture!


Ralphy with Mom waiting to go into the ring.

Captured Image (2)

Ralphy and Girlfriend with his Rosettes.  Well Done Ralphy!!!!

In between times DH and I got to have a look around the Halls, there were lots of people there.  Of course we had to visit the Discover Dogs area and see the best dogs ever booth.


When you have had a particular breed for years you always feel that they are the best dogs ever!!!!  As much as we saw other breeds at the show and got to see the dogs and talk to their owners we really don’t think that we would ever not have an Airedale!!!! 


This is Ami who was showing later in the day but was on the Discover Dogs stand for a while.  She was lovely but a little tired with all the people coming to talk to her!!!

We bought some treats for Treacle from her Food supplier, Burns, but there was not much else that we wanted to get her.  It was a good day and lovely to see Ralphy do so well.  We got there at 6.30am and left about 4.00pm before the rush to get out and did okay.  Friday we had a business meeting which took all day and got home around 8.00pm, so two very long days.

The weekend DH was commentating on Saturday evening but we managed to get some errands done and Sunday the weather was good so we got some gardening done too!!!  I will show you pictures of that tomorrow. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and will have a good week. 

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    So glad Ralphy did so well!! He is adorable! I don’t know that I could live with one of the smashed face breeds…they snore too loud!! Do you know, I don’t think I have ever seen an Airedale in person!! They aren’t very well represented in my part of America! Of course, Treacle has to be the best, right? Molly is right up there as well!!

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