#TBT to 2005 and Eldest’s tenth Birthday and Youngest was six!!!! 

The Boys were together on Tuesday of this week and the way they were with each other just reminds me of the above age, they seem, despite now being 24 and 20, to revert to being 10 and 6!!!!!!!!  It is lovely to see though and I love it when they are both here with DH and we are together at home again!!!


It is the fourth day of heavy rain and it is still quite cool!!!!  I know the gardens needed it but I am quite fed up with it now.  I started to get home jobs done today and then work intervened so I have got half done!!!!!!  I am having another one of those “the Universe has it in for me this week again”!!!!!! 


My new washing machine has arrived, yeah!  Out of all the appliances we have in our home my washing machine is the one I miss the most when I don’t have it working.  I can cope without all the others like the dishwasher and even drying the clothes but my washing machine is a must!!!!  DH just needs to plumb it in and I can start to clear the mountain of clothes, bedding, towels etc that are waiting!!!!


So what is a little dog to do but relax in your basket and have some extra snoozes with so much rain!!!!!

I hope you are having a Happy Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “#TBT.

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    I agree – the washing machine is a very important appliance! The boys are so adorable as youngsters and you look so warm and cozy in your basket, Treacle. We have cool temps and rain today too. Mom made soup for dinner!

  2. farmquilter

    A washing machine and a water heater are essential appliances!! Many decades ago we moved into a new house where the washer was in the garage. Winter arrived and I didn’t even think about the water lines freezing or the water that apparently stays in the washer freezing. I ended up needing a new washing machine! With two girls, new born and 7, I had LOTS of clothes to wash…may I tell you, it really isn’t efficient to wash clothes in the bathtub with an antique washboard??!! It takes forever!! Nor do I like heating water on the stove and in the microwave so 4 females with long hair can take a bath! We are definitely spoiled and I’ll happily keep being spoiled!! I hope you like your front-loading washer…make sure it dries out completely before you shut the door or you will end up with mold in it. I believe they have special cleaners to run through the washer to keep that from being a problem. We’ve had summer hit with a vengence…90-97 is forecast this week and Tara is loving laying in the sun! I actually had to turn on the air conditioner today because it was 85 in the house!!

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