Is It Friday?


Yesterday turned into a bit of chaos!!!  DH was out at business meetings all day, I was catching up on work and then doing house jobs, Youngest was at home for a while and then in and out and the Boys’ Godmother called and then in the evening DH and Eldest went to look at a new car!!!!!  I fell into bed at 10.00pm exhausted!!!!!



Work yesterday very much felt like the picture above and I just about managed to get everything sorted so that today I could finally finsh a lot of jobs!!!!!  I have completely lost track of days this week.

Molly’s Mom very kindly sent Treacle a filled bone at Christmas but Treacle only has these when it is nice outside as she makes the most horrendous mess!!!!


As the weather was lovely yesterday and so warm, she took her bone oustide yesterday morning at 7.00am. 


Here she is in the sunshine with her bone.  It took her at least five hours to finish it and then spent the rest of the day carrying it around the garden!!!!


She won’t like it when we have to wash her legs and face!!!!!  You have never seen such a mess, but she loves it which is the main thing!!!!

I have a huge basket of ironing to do which is quite good as it is a little cooler today and DH is out all weekend at a swimming event so I have a whole weekend clear for quilting.


I hope, whatever you are up to, you have a wonderful weekend. 

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Is It Friday?

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    I am so happy that you enjoyed your filled bone, Treacle! They take me awhile to empty out too and my face and front ankles also need cleaning up but it’s worth it! Tell your mom that she can make up a mixture of yogurt and bananas slices or apple slices and peanut butter – whatever you like best and you stuff it inside the bone and put it in the freezer and you have a treat for another day 🙂

  2. farmquilter

    Oh what a lovely treat!!! I have never seen one of these, but then, they are a bit large for Tara!! Glad you weather has been lovely…it has reverted to early spring here, with high temperatures in the 50s!! Hope you have a productive weekend!!!

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