Anyone Have Time To Come Outside?


Today is just lovely and sunny and warm and I have been outside since 7.00am this morning and only came in to collect my lunchtime biscuit!!!!  I just love this weather.


This is how Blue the sky is today with just a few whisps of white cloud.  Mom took this from her car so the black band is where she rested the camera but then got the car too!!!!!


I had been outside all day yesterday too as the weather has been so sunny for the last few days but I was really tired last night and got to snuggle with Mom at bedtime!!!!!

I love this Spring weather.  I hope you are all having a great week.

Woof, Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “Anyone Have Time To Come Outside?

  1. farmquilter

    Our spring weather the last few days has brought chain requirements on the high mountain passes, rain down in the valley and temperatures in the 50s!! I wish I was with you!!! Tara

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    You’re a very lucky girl, Treacle! We have had to much rain and it’s so cool out that the heat is running. We finally saw the sun late this afternoon but tonight – more rain.

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