A bit of a different #TBT today.  In 2017 I was busy in our kitchen by the window when I saw something run across the top of our garden but it was too fast to see.  Anyway after a little while it appeared from under the bushes and Youngest managed to get a picture of it, below.  We think it is a Snipe and had obviously gotten tired so touched down in our garden for a rest.  By the afternoon he had left again.


Anyway this morning after having finished cleaning our kitchen at 5.30am, don’t ask, I saw this gentleman in the middle of our lawn!!!!


Again I think he must have gotten tired and decided to touch down for a rest!!!!  After a couple of hours he had departed.

I think there must be some sign for our garden, which only Birds can see, which says Rest Stop!!!!  Perhaps I will have to start charging, tee hee.

I was supposed to meet another friend this morning for coffee but unfortunately her daughter was poorly so she is spending her day off work at the hospital!!!  It always happens.  Although that has meant that I have got a lot done this morning.  Yesterday I just about worked myself to a standstill trying to get work finished and then I had a whole year of business books to be shredded so that the current business year we are in can go away at the end of June.


This is what a whole year of our business looks like shredded!!!  Four and a half bags of shredding which will go for recycling!!!  I was so pleased to have got that job out-of-the-way as it is one of those once a year jobs I really hate doing!!!!

It is also the time of year when I need to start all the paperwork for the swimming club quality mark submission.  It gets reviewed at the beginning of September but I must have it all uploaded before we go away in August, so always aim to have it all done by the end of July.   I decided to start even earlier this year and try to get a head of it and get it uploaded by June.  Well it’s a plan!!!

Tomorrow I have errands to run and the grocery shopping to do and a basket of ironing but this weekend DH and I have no other events on so we can get some of the jobs done around our home and garden, if the weather is kind.  At the moment here in Derbyshire it is very sunny but cool.  Treacle, however is outside enjoying the sunshine.

I hope you are having a very Happy Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “#TBT.

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    The birdie and the duckie are smart to hang out in your garden as it is so beautiful and always looks so peaceful.
    That is a LOT of recycle!
    We have a coolish day here today too, Treacle, but the sun is out and it’s just beautiful as long as you’re wearing a jacket.

  2. farmquilter

    You’ve sent your gloomy clouds my way!! We’ve been having rain off and on most of the week. Your shredding is quite the job!! So tedious!! Here I take boxes of files to a business that cross-cut shreds everything, including the metal bits (from fasteners to paper clips) for $2.50/box, so that’s easier for me and saves his little shredder from burning out. I can do a few pages at a time, but if I’m at it for more than 5 minutes, it starts smelling hot. So nice to have things finished way ahead of time…definitely makes for a happier you!! Enjoy your sun!!

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