The Wednesday Wag.

We have had quite a few nice days with warm sunshine so I have been out and about and in my garden, Mom has let me have the back door open so I can come and go as I want to.

On Saturday the weather was nice too so Dad, Mom and I went to Chatsworth House for a walk in their gardens.  The Duke always has sculpture displays in the garden each year and this year the theme is the Dog!  Quite appropriate for me.  They also have a new puppy called Henry, who has his own Instagram Account – Chatswoof here

Here are pictures of my walk.


Come with me for a walk around Chatsworth Gardens.

This is one of the Dog Statues at the head of the Emperor Fountain.


Mom loves this picture of Chatsworth House and the grounds and the vista.


The Daffodils were all out


Also some statues of deer, although there is a big deer herd in the main grounds of Chatsworth.


More Daffodils  appearing.


We stopped half way ground for a break and of course the odd biscuit or three!


Any more biscuits Mom?


One of the new garden displays with water.


Come on Mom I need to explore over there.


The house from the side.


Biscuit stop!


Another of the dog statues and I thought this was real so started barking at him to warn him off, Mom and Dad just laughed!!!!


Chatsworth in the sunshine.

It was a lovely morning walking and then we had lunch at Chatsworth before heading home.  Mom and Dad have a few more weekends free so we can go for some more long walks exploring.

I hope you are having a very happy Woofy Wednesday.

Treacle x

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  1. farmquilter

    Oh what a lovely place for a walk in the early spring!!! You are certainly spoiled, Treacle!!! My mom never brings treats on our walks and I just get to walk around the neighborhood. Love your weather…it is nice here too, finally!! XO Tara

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