Bonnie Scotland or Brr Scotland!

DH and I are back from our business trip to Edinburgh and oh boy was it cold and snowy!!!!!  It was -5°c which I know is not that cold in comparison to some other countries but it was cold to us!!! Here are some pictures of our trip. 


This is snow on the trees although it looks like a hard frost.


Snow on the mountains, below.


Snow on the fields too and the sheep were busy trying to find the grass beneath.


The pictures below were on the way back yesterday and at a lower level so no snow but very cold. 


The freezing fog hanging over the top of the mountains


As we got into the valley the fog was quite heavy and very cold.


We got home by 7.00pm and Treacle was pleased to see us.  Youngest had been home fed and sorted her out but she still tried to con DH and I when we got in to say she had not been fed!!!!  We knew she had as her bowl was on the floor!!!!

Today DH has been in London all day at an exhibition but went on the train this time so was able to work on the way down.  I dropped him off at the train station at 5.00am and I will go and collect him at 9.30pm tonight!  I got caught up on the work of the last two days whilst we were away and also got house jobs done too and five parcels off in the mail!  It is amazing what you can get done when you are up so early!  Treacle was in her basket when I got back having had breakfast at 4.30am, which I think she thought was far too early!

Tomorrow I have some errands to run and I have to go over to Nottingham as well. We have another quiet weekend this weekend again which is great because every weekend in February is taken up with swimming events!!!  Although that means I will get some quilting done.

Tomorrow is also Burns Night, so it will be Haggis for dinner!

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Scotland looks so beautiful dressed for winter in snow and fog! Glad you are home and caught up! Enjoy your weekend with no demands.

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