Hibernation Monday!


Jack Frost is doing overtime this week with ice covering everything!  I think I would sooner have snow than ice!!!!  Treacle is only venturing out to do what is necessary and runs straight back in, even with her fur coat on!!!!  She is getting to a point of needing  a visit to the Spa but I don’t think so at the moment!!!


DH and I are off to Edinburgh again tomorrow and over night  for work so Youngest and Treacle will be keeping each other company tomorrow evening! 


So long as she is warm, Treacle doesn’t mind!!!!!

I was busy over the weekend getting Treacle’s quilt top done and just now need to sandwich and quilt it and she can have her nice new quilt to lie on!!!

I hope your Monday is going well.  I will be back on Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx


2 thoughts on “Hibernation Monday!

  1. farmquilter

    Oh, brrrrrrr!!! With the garden looking like that, I definitely don’t blame Treacle for not wanting to linger!! It is about 40 here right now (4C) with the sun shining and no wind. I went out to PT this morning with just a sweatshirt on, no jacket! Have a great trip to Edinburgh…wish I was meeting you there!! Keep warm!!!


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