It’s Autumn.


This quote for me says Autumn all over, the leaves turning, the nights drawing in and the Autumn weather.  Last night as Treacle went out last thing it was definitely chilly and had an Autumn feel.
For all the children it was Back to School yesterday (although there still seemed to be a lot of children around when I went shopping in Nottingham!).  Our Boys have now finished their formal education after eighteen years between the two of them and yesterday felt very strange not racing around getting lunches and making sure they had all their books, sports kits etc and were smart in their uniforms and of course taking that “start of a new year” picture.
As it is Thursday here is a #TBT picture of the last time they were together going to school.  Eldest was in Upper Sixth and Youngest was in Year Eight at the same school aged 17 and 13.  I was quite sad really, but that’s usual as I hated them going back to school after the six week holiday, I always loved having them at home with me.
The conkers are starting to ripen and the children will soon be collecting them.  The Boys
Aunt & Uncle had a wonderful Horse Chestnut tree in their garden and their Uncle always collected lots of conkers for them.
The Boys Godparents came for dinner last Saturday before they went off on holiday for a month (they are now retired!) and the day was warm so we made the most of it by eating outside again.  We have done so well with the weather this year and been able to eat outside lots and it has been lovely.  It was a lovely evening catching up on all the news and very relaxed. 
This weekend we don’t have anything on for swimming or work or compering so we are going out on Saturday evening to celebrate Eldest’s Birthday as he was away at college when it was his actual Birthday.  Hopefully I will get some pictures.  This is the last week that Youngest’s Girlfriend will be here as a week on Saturday she heads off to Uni.  The weather is supposed to be okay so Sunday we can get some tidying done in the garden and it will then be in great shape as we go into Autumn/Winter.
We will be making the most of the weekends in September as in October all the weekends are filled with either swimming or compering or work and before we know it, it will be November!!!!!  I cannot believe it but Christmas things are starting to appear in the shops!!!  We have lots of things on before Christmas but the stores cannot seem to resist getting things out already!!!!  I know we Quilters are making things for Christmas, as am I, but that doesn’t mean we need to see all the Christmas things in the stores!  I am trying to ignore it!!!
I hope you lovely lot are having a Great Thursday, tomorrow’s Friday!!!! 
Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “It’s Autumn.

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    It does feel sad when kids grow up and they move beyond their younger school years but there are exciting years to come in their future. We have another 100 degree day today but tomorrow, the weather peeps are telling us that it will feel like fall! yahoooooooo!
    The chestnuts are beginning to ripen here too!

  2. farmquilter

    No chestnuts here…they probably require more water then this high mountain desert gets! Our days are in the 90-95 range with the nights in the 50s, so autumn is definitely on the way. At the ball field the lights are being turned on earlier every week and soon I’ll be driving to work with my lights on. At home the change of the seasons is more pronounced with the swing of the sun rise – due east in the winter and quite a bit further south in the summer – as well as the sunset times – 9-10 in summer and 3ish during the winter. Not quite as jarring down here, but still makes itself felt. I do miss getting the kids all ready for the new school year, but now that school starts the first week of August here, I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that. I much prefer a 2.5 month long summer vacation!! When will DH let go of all the swimming stuff now that the boys are no longer competing at that level??

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