The Wednesday Wag!

Mom is losing the plot!  She thought yesterday was Wednesday and she accuses me of being sleepy and not with it!

Pampered pets

I had great fun on my vacation and I was so much better after my upset tummy before I went in.  Mom says it was because I was made to be still for a while when I was in and not playing outside with the other dogs.


The last few days have been warm and not so sunny so I have been spending the day outside and making the most of it before the weather changes!!!!!  I didn’t think Mom could see me as I was hiding at the top of the garden but she always knows where I am!


The Pets on Quilts show has now finished and there were some great entries and we got to meet two new Airedales, Hannah and Guinness.  I am very taken with Mom’s summer quilt and love lying on it when it is on her bed.  Dad says she needs to make another now.


Mom has been out for most of the day so I have caught up on my sleep, being out-of-doors all day in the fresh air I am very tired at night!!! 

It is great to be back and Happy Autumn everyone.

Woof, Treacle.


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    So glad you enjoyed your vacation more than mom and dad did!! Nice to be home and back into the routine…like laying on mom’s beautiful summer quilt!!

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