Christmas in July.


Lots and lots of Quilters are getting ready for Christmas already with their projects and there has been the “Christmas in July” Blog Hop which I, of course, am busy trying to visit all the ladies.  Below is the list of participants and today is the last day.

July 23
July 24
July 25
July 26
July 27
I have my own Christmas projects that I will be getting on with soon as well as another baby quilt to make as DH’s Cousin’s daughter is expecting again, which we are delighted about.  My scrap quilt is going further and further down the list!!!!
The above snowy picture is very comforting in this heat.  The rest of the World are laughing at us English, especially those in very, very hot countries, as we are saying how bad the heat is.  What they forget is that they are geared up for heat, with air conditioners in the home, offices and vehicles; whereas we are lucky to have air conditioning in the car and possibly the offices etc if they are modern!!!  Our homes certainly don’t and after all the heat, they are like ovens!!!
We have had some thunderstorms but they have not taken really so the air is still very hot but they have forecast rain for the whole weekend.
DH is out tonight and tomorrow evening compering for two different events and then Sunday we will be getting things ready for the vacation, yeah!!!!
So I will be doing some quilting and getting things ready to take away with me too!  Trying to make sure I don’t forget anything for the projects I want to do whilst I am away.
I hope whatever you are up to this weekend you have a lovely one, if you are under this heat blanket at the moment, stay cool, but I know you lovely lot will.
Happy Hot Hugs,
Susie xx

3 thoughts on “Christmas in July.

  1. farmquilter

    Yeah, this heat is really an energy-sucking time! All I want to do is nap in the cool provided by the A/C! Other than this house, I have never lived where I had central air. Last night when I got home at midnight, it was a lovely 70 degrees!! My poor hubby is struggling at the farm with the heat and no central air. I think he only has the window A/C unit in the kitchen, so the house does tend to get warm and he really dislikes the heat. A fan really helps, especially if it blows across a block of ice before it gets to you!! Hope you stay cool and that Scotland will be much cooler for your vacation!!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    We are loving your snowy pictures, Miss Susie! Mom had to cut the grass today in this doG awful heat and humidity and because we’ve had so much rain and she should have cut the grass DAYS ago, she ended up having to rake too. She was sweating in places that she didn’t know you could even sweat in! We are so ready for a snowstorm in July! I hope that both of us get some relief from this heat soon!

  3. Judy

    I am not laughing I know how you feel. I live in an area that has weather very comparable to yours and we are having weather in the high 90’s all this week and into next. Fortunately for us we do have an air conditioner which we didn’t always have. After several years of weather where we were having more hot days we finally decided to get air conditioning.

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