The Wednesday Wag on Thursday!


Mom had to go out yesterday to a business meeting so I was indoors all day and I cannot say I was sorry as it was so warm.  Mom had drawn all the curtains and blinds on every window so it was very dark but cool and she put ice cubes in my water bowl before she left so I had cool water to drink.  I go out very early in the morning before it gets hot, but I am still hot even with my very short haircut.


The weathery man has said we are going to get lots of thunderstorms between now and tomorrow evening but our garden and everywhere needs a good drink of water too.  I am not bothered by the storms but we usually lose power so Mom has made sure we have new batteries in our portable lanterns and the radio and is going to get dinner now so that if the power goes off it won’t matter.  If it stays off we do have a portable gas burner stove so Mom and Dad can boil water for tea and cook on that if necessary.


I am keeping an eye on all the bees on the lavender.


The patio is very, very hot!



This was very early this morning before the sun had woken up!

Mom has a busy day tomorrow with grocery shopping and other errands to run and a busy weekend, she is hoping to finish tidying up the garden before the vacation and also get the bags down to start packing!!!!  My bag is already packed with my toys, food, basket and bedding. 

Happy Hot Woofy Wednesday (on Thursday!)



2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag on Thursday!

  1. farmquilter

    Your poor paws on that hot patio!! Maybe you need some shoes to protect you from the heat!! I hope you get rain but keep your power – no power means so much extra work for mom. Enjoy the cool, dark house and stay cool, Treacle. Tara from the 100+ heat here in the high mountain desert of Nevada


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