Piggy Bank Savings Opening!


You know how we all say “where has a year gone?” well it is a year since we started saving in our Piggy Banks for Quilting Challenge run by Val at Val’s Quilting Studio and today is the day we open them and see how we have done.  Now some are just saving their small change, which our family do in an old sweet jar, for a family outing so I had to save money separately for this and I just put in the odd £1 coin every week and if I had five of them I saved those too.  So I opened my Piggy Bank today.


It is actually a piggy bank as well which belonged to my Grandmother who used to save 20 pence pieces in it.  Mr Piggy has done well.


As you can see I have counted it out (I changed the coins into notes as it was getting too full with the coins) and it makes £150 which at today’s rate is $198.50.  I am really pleased with the amount and I intend to get some material from the Quilt Shop with it.  Eldest and Girlfriend have been together for seven years this year and I think will eventually get married so I have decided to spend this money on the material for their wedding quilt!  I have a very good friend who has said she will quilt it for me so almost all the ducks are in a row!!!!  I will show you the material when I have bought it.  It will be a double or king size quilt, not too sure yet.

Talking about our notes they have been changing them over the last year from paper to this plastic type of note which is supposed to last longer.  In the picture the £20 are still paper but the £10 and £5 are the new plastic and they feel dreadful.  They also don’t sit very well in your wallets/purses and they do fold over but then don’t straighten out again.  They are also smaller than the old notes.  They always used to say if the currency gets smaller it is being de-valued, I don’t know how true this is but they are definitely smaller.

If Val decides to carry on with the challenge for another year then I am in as I think it has been a great way to save some money for those all important trips to the Quilt Shop!!!!


Every time I pick my camera up to take a picture Treacle appears and stands there waiting for her picture to be taken!!!  I think she now thinks that this is what she has to do every day as I have taken so many pictures of her for the blog!!!!!  She is a silly goose at times but I don’t mind.  So here is today’s picture!!!  I think you can tell how sunny it is again today with the sun behind her. Today the top temperature is 80°F and the weekend is the same. 

I hope whatever you are up to you have a wonderful weekend.  I am going to be in my sewing room quilting. 

Hugs, Susie xx


7 thoughts on “Piggy Bank Savings Opening!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    What a wonderful way to spend Piggy’s money! We can’t wait to see the fabrics that you have chosen! Your money is so much prettier and more colorful than our US dollars are, Miss Susie.

  2. farmquilter

    Great way to save money! I always save my change…I used to have so much more to save when I used cash, but lately I always use my credit card so there is nothing to save except the cash back my card gives me. I always save that up until I can pay my monthly bill in full with it so that month is “free”! Guess I could get cash that equals that “free” payment and save it! Great idea I can’t wait to see what fabrics you choose and which pattern you will go with for Eldest and Girlfriend!

  3. Val Reynolds

    Treacle IS a character!! Hey congrats on your savings!! I love your idea of creating a wedding quilt….that will be a gift that will be cherished forever. I too love the challenge and am grateful you joined along. Thanks for the shout out too…I welcome your readers to join us for the 2019 challenge!

  4. Nann

    A second-generation piggy bank! We encountered the new polymer bills in Canada. Other countries’ bills are so colorful compared to the U.S. Have fun shopping for fabric for the wedding quilt.

  5. mlmcspadden

    Congrats on your savings. Have fun picking out your fabrics for the quilt!

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