Summer, it’s great.

We are having a lovely summer, even if the temperatures are up there.  Here are a few pictures from the last few days.


Treacle yesterday afternoon lying in the shade under the tree which is in the middle of our lawn.


I was taking a picture of Youngest dressed in his suit for the Sixth Form Ball but I am not allowed to put it on the Blog 🙁  Treacle was most upset I was not taking a picture of her so she stood in front of me until I took her picture!!!


She has spent three hours at her Spa this morning and this is what she looks like now. 


I got them to go very short on her legs and beard because it is so hot and I really don’t care about the Airedale cut in this weather for her, it’s what is most comfortable for her and as we know her fur will always grow again.  She looks so much happier now outside.  I just love her ears, they always remind me of a bat (I don’t know why!!!!)

Here is a collection of our flowers which we are managing to keep alive at the moment watering them at night when the sun has gone down.


I just cannot believe how blue the sky is at the moment with not a cloud in the sky.  When I was driving to fetch Treacle from the Spa is was 83°F in the car, fortunately Treacle was not in the car too long and I had the air conditioning going full blast.  A friend the other day said that she went out in her car and drove around no where in particular just so she could be in the cool air of her car!!!


Fortunately this bit of our patio is cool even with the sun out as we have the big table umbrella up.


It’s not a very clear picture but I caught this bee on the lavender being very busy, it is a Red-tailed Bumblebee.  They are so cute.

House jobs to do today and tonight is Wild, Wet & Wacky where the teenagers get to compete at different games on the park in teams and it includes a lot of water, foam and general silliness.  I don’t like the event as one year I was down there this boy broke his leg and I heard it go so the whole thing freaks me out!!  DH is down there compering again and playing music while the games are on!!!  Youngest is out at the Sixth Form Ball with his Girlfriend.  Tomorrow it is set up day for the park for Saturday and in the evening DH is commentating on a new event for Carnival, Little Eaton Cake Off!!!!! 

I won’t be going to the Carnival on Saturday as DH is always busy as he is Event Director and Youngest will be busy as he is a Marshal for the day and I don’t think I want to walk around for that length of time.  Although my hip is fine I still get tired and achy after a long day and with the heat, I am going to stay at home and quilt.


Really enjoying the matches at Wimbledon this year, although a lot of the seeds have been knocked out already.  It is also the British F1 at the weekend so another busy sporting weekend and although we are not into football (the boys hated it) there is the England match at 3.00pm.  We think this may have an impact on visitors to Carnival and the last time it happened the park emptied as everyone left to go home and watch the match, although it did mean that we got cleared up early!!!  There is always a positive to these things!!!!!

I hope you are having a Terrific Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “Summer, it’s great.

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    You look beautiful with your shorter AireCut, Treacle, and I know that you are feeling MUCH cooler! The flowers in your garden are so pretty, Miss Susie! I don’t think we’ve ever seen a red-tailed bumblebee before.

  2. farmquilter

    Treacle looks so smart (and cool) in her new cut! Your flowers are gorgeous and that deep shade at your table is very inviting. I have never seen a red-tailed bumble bee before…really cool looking! I’ve watched several people get injured while I was umpiring. Always bugs me too…I usually visit the hospital to make sure they are all right when I am finished for the night. I’ve even had a few get taken away by ambulance. *shivers* Enjoy your day quilting!!! I’ve been slowly cutting out a new quilt…not excited about it at all!

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