I have had a lovely Birthday week.  I had lunch with Jayne and we got to talking about life in general and I said that after the last ten very challenging years with the business as well as coping with huge changes in our family, I have been very stressed.  However this year I got to the point where I decided that really at the end of the day there is only so much I can control and the rest I just have to go along with. 

I also found that I was worrying about months ahead and even years so now I only think about tomorrow, possibly the following weekend and perhaps next week, but no further.  Fortunately things are getting better with our business, as are a lot of our friends who are in business as well.  It is not just us that have been going through these challenging times.  I do feel a lot better than I did, but one thing I have stopped doing is reading the news.  I feel that the news shows present the items with their spin on it and they just love dire news so I don’t watch or read the news now.  I listen to the radio and usually there is a five-minute news report at the top of the hour and that is plenty of news for me.


My Quilting has also helped me to focus my attention as well and then watching a DVD of one of my favourite programmes whilst quilting I find it very soothing.  In fact if I don’t do some quilting now I get quite upset so I try to do some in the evening after making dinner and clearing up.  I also find I get quite frustrated at some programmes that I have watched before but now seem to lead you by the nose and are stressful so I have stopped watching them too.

Books, of course, are another way I relax and find it very calming to get lost in a story.  I am also lucky, if you can call it that, that I can re-read books again and again which says a lot about my memory but even if I remember the story I love reading it again as it is like an old friend.  In the past few months I have not been reading as much as I normally do, so this is something I want to rectify.  I also used to read in bed and I stopped doing that after my Op as I was not able to lie very easily on my right side but now that I am better I think I will try again.  I am hoping that this will help me sleep better.


I have also been going through another period of waking several times in the night, which can be quite draining and I am still working on a solution to that.  I have tried the hot bath before bed, lavender oil on my pillow, wrists etc and many other things.  I never have a problem getting to sleep, I have a problem staying asleep!  I woke at 3.45am this morning to the birds singing and the sun rising.  It has been a wonderful day with constant sunshine and no clouds in the sky at all.  In fact I think we are warmer here than the Mediterranean and the temperatures are due to rise during the weekend and next week.  I love this weather but usually by 4.00pm am getting very tired.  As I say still working on a solution to this.


Treacle loves this weather and lies in the sun for so long and then moves into the shade for a while and then comes back into the sunshine!  Silly dog.  She just loves being outside. 

As the weather is going to be lovely over the weekend we are taking the opportunity to empty the garage and room off and tidy it up, get rid of anything we don’t want and of course put back the things we want to keep! 

I hope the weather wherever you are is going to be lovely and you have a wonderful weekend and remember:

Live In The Moment

Forget The Past

And Don’t Worry About The Future

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Calm.

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    My hooman sissy is always telling mom to stop overthinking things and just take it a day at a time. Mom says it’s hard for peeps who like to plan ahead. We listen to the news on the radio too and we find that it’s “just enough”! Mom has cottonballs with lavender oil on them in a couple of containers in the bedroom. We’re not sure if it works or not but it sure does smell pretty! Have a wonderful weekend, Miss Susie! We’re supposed to get rain (which we do need).

  2. farmquilter

    Don’t borrow trouble from tomorrow for today has enough of its own. Plan for the future but don’t forget to live today (tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone). The past 8-9 years have been rocky with businesses all over here as well, but things are looking up, finally. Hot and sunny here too…we are loving every minute of it!! Enjoy getting one more item on your to-do list checked off!

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