The Longest Day!


Today is the Longest Day with the most amount of daylight hours in it and here it is very sunny and the birds were definitely awake before 4.00am this morning!!!  My Mom of course always said the Longest Day was yesterday when I was born!!!!  I am sure she was joking!


DH and I went shopping during the day to Nottingham nothing special just to get a few things (a new walking foot!!!) but it was great to just be doing something other than work!  In the evening Eldest, Youngest and their Girlfriends were coming for dinner and we managed to sit outside for a bit but it was quite cool (next week we are going to be roasting as there is a heat wave coming). 


The flowers are starting to open in the garden.


I had some lovely presents, vouchers for the beauty spa, vouchers for the farm shop, a new scarf/wrap and book tokens.  DH bought me some perfume and membership to the Royal Horticultural Society for a year which means we can get tickets to visit The Chelsea Flower Show next year!!!  The Boys went with a gardening theme too with new clippers, gardening gloves, seeds, solar-powered lights, a DVD, notebooks. We had a takeaway at home for dinner which was very nice as I didn’t have to cook!

I am very lucky as I had so many lovely presents and spent time with my family, I could  not ask for anything better.




When I was on Google yesterday morning this popped up!  DH is not keen on all this information that is out there, although we don’t do any social media sites, but I liked it!!!!


You have seen the picture below on my sidebar :


Well this weekend is exactly ten years since we went to collect Treacle from the breeder in Aberdeen, Scotland.  So June 2008


Ten years on!!!!!  Eldest wants me to point out that he and his brother are both the same height but he has his knees bent in this picture trying to hold Treacle!!  They have all grown up.


We came in after dinner as it was cool and had cake inside, which is what Treacle is looking at!!!!


As you know we are big Formula 1 fans, including me and when DH was 40 for his present I took him to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.  We have said for a long time we should go again and take the Boys but have never gotten around to it.  Well DH is going this year but with one of the company’s we work with and a few of their customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SO he is in big trouble with me!!!!!!!!!!  Not only does he get to see the race they are in a hospitality suite!!!!!  Don’t worry I will think of something so he will be able to make it up to me!!!!

Today it is back down to earth with house jobs to do, some work and errands to run tomorrow.  The weekend weather is supposed to be warm and sunny, but not too hot, so the garage emptying is still on the cards.

I hope you are all having a thrilling Thursday.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    Happy Birthday!! I hope this year is extra special for you! I was wondering if Youngest had surpassed Eldest in height…good thing Eldest prompted you to make sure we all knew they were the same height! Youngest had a hand on Treacle when she was a baby…why didn’t he help now that she’s a bit bigger??!! Hope your first day of summer is fabulous – we are looking for 95 here today (just glad I’m not in Las Vegas which has 113 forecast!).

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