Another Warm Day and Wedding Fever.


You can see someone has found the sunshine today.  This was early this morning and she is now outside lying in the hot sun, baking!!  It is a good job she is not white and I would have to put sun cream on her!!!  It is 21°C today and tomorrow it is going to be 12°C, a 9°C drop. No wonder everyone is confused.  Saturday is supposed to be back to 18°C and Sunday too so hopefully DH and I can get into the garden. 

You may wonder why I am always going on about the garden.  It is not as if we have acres and acres to deal with but, as my longer followers will know, it is getting to silly season with events on and then it means only the bare minimum gets done.  So if we get it tidy and all done now after winter, we can cope with just minimum work.  This also goes for our home too, which is why it was great getting the Spring Cleaning all done.

The Royal Wedding is now taking centre stage with all the news feeds and it will only get more intense as we get nearer to Saturday.

So I thought I would share with you pictures of my parent’s Wedding on March 19th 1949 below.


There was still rationing and so my Grandmother made my Mom’s wedding dress and their cake having saved their ration cards.  This was outside the church after the wedding.


Here is DH and I on November 12th 1988.  We will be celebrating Thirty years this November and are hoping to go away for the weekend after the 12th, as it is a Monday!!!  What a yuck day to have an anniversary!!!!

DH’s parents wedding pictures are in the attic (!) and I cannot get in there to get a picture of those.  When we sort the attic out one of my jobs is to sort out all the pictures that are up there and get them into albums.  These are photographs inherited when we cleared out our parents homes and are just in piles in a clip box.


Eldest and Girlfriend recently when they were out for dinner.  Not jumping the gun or anything but this may be a wedding in the future.

I have been busy with Work and have also been sewing in the evenings. I have completed one thing but will show that to you in a while.  My job this evening is to cut out my super secret blue quilt.  I am also going to arrange to get my machine serviced eventually!!!!

I hope you are having a great Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    I can imagine all the hype you are getting over there…we are getting lots here too (maybe it is the American connection to this wedding!). I’ll probably record it, but I did get up in the wee hours to watch Princess Diana’s wedding, as well as Prince William’s, so no promises to sleep Friday night! Lovely pictures of your family weddings…so young!!! Have you started planning the wedding quilt for Eldest? If you get the top and backing finished early enough, send it to me for custom quilting for the cost of shipping it back to you! I’ll even make you an embroidered label for it!!

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