A Busy Old Weekend.

It was one of those weekends which passed in a blur of activity but nothing got done!!!


DH and I went to see this on Friday.  I enjoyed it but DH was not impressed.  In fact I paid £45 for him to sleep for an hour or so!!!! I will be seeing the final film next year but don’t know if DH will be coming with me!!!


We spent Saturday evening here at the last round of the Derwent League swimming competition and our Club won, so well done to them.  It was very warm and sleep inducing in the place and we got home around 9.00pm shattered.  Evalyn, Owen, Mum and Dad appeared on our doorstep at 10.30am as they were picking a new, to them, car up and they stayed until 3.00pm so nothing got done.

Sunday DH and Youngest were at another swimming pool in Derbyshire with an all day competition and the swimmers did well and DH was announcing.  I spent the day in my sewing room, finishing off the latest blocks for “It’s a Wild Life” BOM.  I don’t know whether I like the blocks.  I have never done one of these before and there has been some applique in it and I don’t do very good applique at all and the blocks are huge.  I will finish it but not sure about it at all. 

I did make one other thing which I can’t show you yet, sorry.

It is nice and warm here again for a few days then going cooler again, then getting warmer again!!!  The plants, animals and humans don’t know where they are!!!!

Friday I was out all day catching up on errands so I will do Friday Book of the Month Club this Friday.

I hope you all had a great weekend and looking forward to a good week.  It is the Royal Wedding on Saturday which begins at 9.00am so the TV will be on all day waiting for all the arrivals.

Hugs, Susie xx

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  1. farmquilter

    So glad you had Sunday to play in your sewing room…we need that! Our weather is just as crazy…last week we were up in the 80’s and this week we are barely getting into the low 70’s and we are getting rain showers every evening! I wish it would make up it’s mind!! I’m looking forward to the wedding on Saturday, but it starts at 1 AM here, so I may be recording it!! That might be the best so I can fast-forward through the boring parts and commercials.

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