Bank Holiday Monday!


Yes it is a three-day weekend here in the UK and we have made the most of it!


I have finished my Spring Cleaning with lots and lots of help of DH!  He got home early on Friday evening, well early for him, and we started then and worked our way from the top of our home to the bottom and we got it finished last night and I couldn’t have done it without DH’s help.  Although it is eleven weeks since I had my Op and there is no pain, my hip does get stiff especially if I have been doing lots so DH did all the moving of furniture and cleaning of high stuff so I didn’t have to climb.  So our home is all clean and sparkly now!!!!

We have a couple of weekends of swimming competitions which DH and Youngest are going to but we have another long weekend at the end of this month and are hoping that the weather is nice but not too hot so we can get into the garden and get our jobs done then.  I am busy ticking jobs off of my To Do List but still have two big jobs to do, the attic and our garage but we need help from our “Staff” to do those and that means sorting out times when everyone is around but as the summer months are coming up I am hoping we will find an odd weekend here and there to do them.


It is very, very hot here today 25°C/77°F, Treacle is loving it.  She lays in full sun and then is panting!!!  She does take herself off to the shade for a bit and then I find her laying in full sun again, silly puppy!!!! 


Today DH is announcing at the final day of the East Midlands Swimming competition so he won’t be home until tonight, so I am going to be getting the above fabric cut out so I can get on with my super secret quilt.

Whatever you are up to today I hope you  have a wonderful day and a great week.

Hugs, Susie xx


She spent all day yesterday outside in the sunshine so last night she was so tired, she was straight in her basket (which had also been cleaned) for a snooze!

2 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Monday!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Your mom sure does stay SuperBusy, Treacle! Enjoy your warmth. I actually prefer it to be cooler and I would be seeking the shade. We make runs to our rent house in the mornings and we’re home in the afternoon to pack and organize so we can load up for another run tomorrow. We’re getting there.

  2. farmquilter

    Your schedule exhausts me!! I umpire 6 nights a week now, but there is lots of time to be lazy during the day for me! It has gotten up to 84 here – so loving the warm and being able to wear shorts to work (but I take a sweatshirt and light jacket because it is in the low 60’s by the time I get off). Tara has been enjoying lying in the sun. I had a Lab that would lay in front of a fireplace with the heat blowing directly on her, panting like crazy but refusing to move! Silly dogs! Wish I was there to give you a hand in cleaning the garage and attic…maybe one of these years. When will DH be finished with swimming stuff?

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