Yes I know it has holly on it but I love this Welcome sign and It is to say Hi to some new followers who have joined me in the last couple of weeks, on this weird and wonderful journey called life we are all on!!!!

Yes my blog is supposed to be about my quilting journey, which began in 2010, but family, friends and life in general also make an appearance!!  

Speaking of quilting I have been on a roll this week so wanted to show you the other things I got finished.


These were the baby blocks above which I finally finished sewing and got them stuffed so they will be given to Owen when we see them next.


The candle mats above and below were from my Red, White & Blue blog hop I did ages ago with Madam Samm and decided to finish them off.  I think they will look great at Christmas with things on them.



Here is the fabric for my super secret quilt which I need to start soon.  The picture does not do the fabric any favours as the blues are much more vibrant in real life. 

I don’t know about you but whenever I finish a project I have to tidy up everything from that and tidy my sewing area before I start anything new!  In the basket on the right is my summer quilt which I need to sort the backing out for and then get it sandwiched so it can be quilted.


I also tidied the shelves and got things put away before I start the next thing.


Here is where I sew.  My machine has been cleaned too and a new needle inserted for the next things.  The material is the all the blue ones for the next quilt but before that I have two blocks from “It’s a Wild Life” BOM to do before I do anything else.  I am not sure whether I am going to like it when it is completed but it is fun doing this a month at a time, although I missed doing April’s straight away.  I am determined I won’t get behind.  You can also see Eldest’s portable DVD player which I use when I am sewing.  I am working my way through all the Bones series again.

With DH’s help last night I managed to get our room and dressing room spring cleaned and the bathrooms.  Today is going to be warm and sunny so we are going to tackle the dining room and sitting room, leaving the den and kitchen for tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    We love your baby blocks and your candle mats and your new blue quilt is going to be lovely! We can’t wait to see the end result, Miss Susie! Your sewing room looks superNeat and so inviting!

  2. farmquilter

    You are really making great progress! Love the baby blocks, quilt and mug rugs! How’s the hip holding up?? I will do a bit of cleaning between projects – fabric must get put away…the rest, well, not so much! That’s why at home my quilting room is upstairs where folks rarely go!! Here, I’m using the dining room table to cut and sew on, so I do have to be a bit more mindful of my mess since it is open to the living room.

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