Happy Birthday to Treacle.


Here is the Birthday Girl waiting for her presents.


Here are her presents and we got her a special cake, especially made for dogs.



Treacle and her best friend, Youngest, just hanging around!


I can see my presents!


Let me at them!


My cake looks yummy!  (you can see her presents on the floor, a squeaky monkey and pink teddy bear!)


A new food dish especially for Treacle.


The cake is really yummy!

She had a lovely evening.  She also got a new treat toy but has hidden it somewhere!!! 

Happy 10th Birthday Treacle!

Love Mom, Dad, Eldest, Youngest & Girlfriend, xxxxx

Have a wonderful weekend you lovely lot, it is supposed to be sunny and warm and it is also a long weekend for us, so hopefully we can get lots of jobs done and some quilting too.

Hugs, Susie xx

1 thought on “Happy Birthday to Treacle.

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    Happy 10th Birthday, Treacle! Your cake is so pretty and looks so yummy and I love that all of the pressies are wrapped in pink! You new food dish is beyond cool! Enjoy your very special day♥


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