From This to This!


Yesterday :


Today :


I now have half the dog I had yesterday!!!!!  She looks so much better and a lot cooler than yesterday but of course that means our temperatures are going to drop, they always do when Treacle has a haircut!!!!


Whilst I was waiting for Treacle to be done at the Spa I went through the Costa Drive Thru (does anyone use proper words these days?!!!)  Well it was a drive through eventually!  I have never been through a drive through where you had to wait for fifteen minutes and I only ordered a tea!  The reason I took the picture, besides being bored of waiting, was to show you how blue the sky is today and with no clouds in the sky!!!!

Have a terrific weekend whatever you lovely lot are up to.  Us, we are hoping to do some gardening and also get some more jobs crossed off the Spring Cleaning list.

Hugs, Susie xx

3 thoughts on “From This to This!

  1. Maga

    Oh, what a transformation. Not sure which version I prefer but as always it is not the outside that matters but the inside and Treacle is as cute a button as ever furry or not. Been gardening all morning today but the soil is very wet and heavy still so hard work weeding but what a treat to see a weed free bed. Have fun with your garden and hopefully head gardener Treacle can find a spot in the sun to keep an eye on you all

  2. farmquilter

    Treacle looks beautiful both ways! Have you ever thought about growing her fur out all winter and when it is cut, having it spun into yarn? When I was in Tealby, we went to a place that spins all kinds of natural fibers into yarn…even dog fur!!! It was an awesome place to visit, thanks to our wonderful hosts!! Enjoy your weekend…spring is here this weekend (we are closing in on 80!).

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