Friday Book Club for April.


I have just finished this book and have been a big fan of Lee Child and his “Jack Reacher” series.  However at 391 pages long in the hard back edition the first 90 pages were to his usual excellent story telling standard.  In my opinion he then phoned the rest of the novel in until the last chapter! 

The chapters between page 90 and the last one had Jack and his current “partners” wandering around getting the same information from several “bad men” with one intention which was revealed very early in the book. They finally find what they are looking for after lots of very empty miles and very little action. 

It is a hard thing to say about a favourite author but I think Mr Child is going through the motions with these books now and he needs to change the way in which Jack Reacher appears, say settling down in an out of the way place.  We all know that Jack does not spend any more money than he has to so he must have a nice little nest egg and at his age it is now time for him to set down some sort of roots say in Wyoming.  Miles from anyone but a root and perhaps to get invovled with a woman with adult children and then perhaps problems could come looking for him. 

If Lee Child’s next book follows the same formula as the previous twenty two novels then I probably won’t be buying it. 

As an aside whoever let Tom Cruise buy the rights to the books and play Jack Reacher in the two movies needs their head examining!  It should have been Hugh Jackman; at least he is getting near to Reacher’s height of 6’5″ being  6’2″ instead of Tom Cruise’s 5’7″,  whose height depends upon whether he is wearing his lifts or not!!!!!

Don’t bother reading this unless it is in paperback form picked up for a £1 at the second hand bookstore.

Happy Friday Everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    Oh, definitely won’t be reading this one! I also get tired of authors using the same old formula in the same old way. I like your idea for the next book(s)!

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