Friday is Here!


Well Friday is here and at the moment we still have snow.  The rest of the World of course are laughing at us as; a little bit of snow and the whole country loses its mind!!! 


This picture was in the Daily Mail today (copyright: Storyful) where the snow ploughs are unearthing the road at Trollstigen Pass, Norway.  Now this is snow!!!  I think the reason our country has such a reaction to snow is because we don’t get it often enough, so when we do everything becomes impossible!!!  DH and Eldest are both at work again today but college for Youngest was shut again today and so are the schools, well it is Friday!

Two Weeks Down, Four To Go!!!!!


Normally I would not bother how things are going with my recovery except there is an issue at the beginning of April, after Easter.  The work we do with our German Company their representative is coming over for two days, to visit the customers and, as it is Easter Holidays, he is bringing his wife and daughter.  So DH will be out with him on visits and I am entertaining his wife and daughter.  I have planned a few things, one of which will be a visit to Chatsworth House, which will be open again by then after their Winter closure.  Also his wife is a quilter, which is so lucky, so I have also planned visits to quilt shops in Derbyshire and beyond.  I think he will regret bringing his wife with him!!!  At least they are driving over so won’t have an issue of getting all the fabric back on the plane!!!!!  I do hope they like what I have planned and this is why I am counting down as I am not able to drive until six weeks after the Op which will be Easter Saturday and four days before they arrive.  I am going to go out with Tom that weekend in my Jeep to make sure I am happy, the saving grace being it is an automatic so I don’t have to keep changing gear.  Of course it will mean that I have to get some fabric too, tee hee.


I have had a few new Followers come along for the ride this week, so Welcome and I hope you enjoy my posts.  I love connecting with new Friends.


Quilt Retreat At Home this weekend for me, so DH and Youngest can get on and do any jobs and they are both out all day Sunday at a swimming competition which is still on at the moment.    I still have a few projects I need to get done and some which are still in the process of getting finished but I am getting there!!!  Still waiting for the fabric I have ordered for our friends’ anniversary present but I can start to do a few things for it from my stash which is what I will start tomorrow.  I also have another new super secret quilt to make and I can plan that which will also be all from my stash too. 

Anyway that’s the plans for the weekend at the moment but of course it could all change again.  I hope you all have a terrific weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


3 thoughts on “Friday is Here!

  1. farmquilter

    Weird, we got 2-3 inches of snow in my part of town and the schools are closed. The northern part of the city got closer to 6 inches…I guess when one school has to be closed, they all have to be closed! I’ve shoveled the front walk and took Tara out this morning…she was not impressed!! They are saying we will get more snow today and tomorrow…my back doesn’t like the shoveling, but we really need the water. Ohhh, what are you buying at the fabric shop??? Always nice to have that connection with the lady from Germany. Will Youngest be in charge of entertaining the kiddo they are bringing with them??? Keep on the road to a fast recovery by not over-doing when you feel better!!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    Wow – look at all of that beautiful snow! We are getting lots of rain and very high winds so no walks have happened today and potty breaks are quick trips. We are crossing paws and fingers that you’re doing terrific by Easter and don’t have any problems driving and will have a great time visiting with your friends, Miss Susie!

  3. Judy

    We always seem to have the same kind of weather at around the same time as you. Last week we had very cold weather with snow and the same problem here with people panicking and not knowing how to drive in it. A few years back when I was out of town about 75 miles it started to snow and what was about an hour and a half drive became a 7 hour drive just because the other people on the road couldn’t drive. Thye literally would get out and abandon their car on the freeway in whatever lane they were in. Last year my daughter had the same experience coming home from work when it snowed. I just don’t really get it except that we are like you and get so little snow that everyone panics and yes people that come from states with lots of snow just shake their heads and laugh at us. Actually I worked for years in banking in a position where I had to be at work. I quickly learned how to drive in it and found out a lot of it was just common sense.

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