Snow Day!

We are doing The Wednesday Wag on Thursday this week as Mom has saved these pictures!!!! It started to snow yesterday morning quite early but not a lot,  however it continued to gently snow for most of the day and night and this morning it has been snowing a gale and is still snowing now!!!  Thanks to Parr Films for the pictures!  Enjoy!

Treacle’s Snow Day!



I am ready for the Off!


Get Set!  GO!!!!!!!


Snow Ball Catch!


Airedale Snow Race!


Down the Hill To Start Again!








Up to the Top of the Hill to start again! 

The only problem?  Getting her to come in again!!!!!

It’s still snowing but it is due to warm up a little bit so I suspect it will go pretty soon.  Some parts of the UK, especially Scotland, have had a lot of the white stuff.  Our primary school in the village is closed today and I suspect will be closed tomorrow as is the senior school and Youngest’s college in Nottingham.  So Snow Days all round!    DH and Eldest managed to both get to work but I think they would have both liked to stay home.   Of course I can’t go out in it 🙁 but it is very pretty to look at. 

So what is a girl to do but make a hot chocolate with plenty of marshmellows!!!


My days swing from being okay and thinking that everything is going well with recovery to feeling dreadful!  I also think I am getting a little stir crazy being at home all the time!!  I don’t know that I will manage six weeks without going out, oh wait I have a dental checkup next week, yeah!!!! Party!!!!  I have been doing my work along with binge watching films, some of which I have seen before and some I haven’t.  It also makes me realise how many films are made each year and how few are actually good!  The DVD’s will be coming out next!


The birds are busy at the feeders today.


I think tomorrow I will definitely spend the day in my sewing room.  It is also warmer in there than the rest of the house.  Although the central heating is on, we control each room by thermostatic radiators which are all turned to their highest setting, it is still cool.  It doesn’t help at the moment that I am not able to wear my staple outfit of everyday when at home of Jeans and Boots!!  The jeans press on the wound too much, which is now undressed, and so I am in jogging bottoms all the time and they are just not as warm and I am wearing my trainers.  I will be so pleased when I can get back into jeans and my boots. 


Of course today is March 1st and start of the Spring months but as you can tell we are still definitely in the grip of Winter.  I think Spring has been postponed.  


This is coming up fast, so mark your Calendars for March 17th (the third Saturday in March) and hopefully we will all get the chance to play with fabric all day and make things. 

Happy Thursday everyone.

Hugs, Susie xx


3 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Sis

    We are having snow here in southern Wales today too – more than we have seen all the time we have lived here (5 1/2 years) Really lovely although our poor daffodils has had it now despite it being St. David’s Day today. Hope your snow will last for another day so Treacle can enjoy herself. Hope your wound will soon be healed enough for you to wear warmer clothes. You need a nice lap quilt to keep you warm!

  2. farmquilter

    Such beautiful snow for Treacle to play in!! We are supposed to be getting hit with snow this afternoon/evening and lasting for 3 days of storms. The mountains around are expected to get 3-5 feet, but they stretch up to 10,000+ feet and the valley is only 4,500 feet so we’ll see what we get. A bit of rain and wind so far today. What are jogging bottoms? We speak the same language, but!!! When I’m at home I wear sweatpants and sweatshirts, and socks. I want warm, comfy clothes. Jeans may be warm but now as comfy as sweats!! Slipper are for when I have to go outside. Your problem with your yo-yo recovery is that when you are feeling better, you do a bit too much and set yourself back…slow down a bit on your good days and you’ll have more of them! After 17 surgeries, I kinda know what you are dealing with, but not totally because none of my joints are bionic!! Looking forward to seeing what you create in your quilting room!

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