Christmas Planner Day Four.

Christmas Planner Day Four and into the Third Week of December, when everything is going well and you are completely organised or you are about to tear your hair out and hide under the bed covers, never to be seen again!!! 

This page is where if you have not got things done before this I give you some alternatives. I have, in the past, actually utilised some of these if it has been a manic year and especially the run up to Christmas. 

Christmas Planner 2017 4

I am slowly getting presents organised and am just waiting for Felicity to tell me what Evalyn would like for Christmas and what to get Owen, who at nine months old will probably not know what is happening!!!  Our diary is also getting booked up with visits to family and friends who we won’t see over Christmas and to me this is the best bit of Christmas, seeing everyone.  This year I have even managed to get to go to the Advent Carol service, which I have missed the past few years because of, you guessed it, swimming!!! 

I am busy getting on with my quilting and will show you as soon as it is finished! 

I hope you have a wonderful Autumn Weekend.

Hugs, Susie xx


I think this look says “oh for goodness sake hurry up and take the picture so I can get these ridiculous things off my head”!!!!!!!!!


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