Christmas Planner Day Three.

Here is Day Three of the Planner and we are into the First Week of December which of course is actually only now four weeks away!!!!  Oh boy! 

Christmas Planner 2017 3

Today DH and I attended a funeral in the village of a person we have known for eighteen years, Janet Easter, who was the school secretary at the village school when our Boys attended.  If ever there as anyone who was not politically correct it was Janet!  If you knocked on her office door to see her after collecting the Boys from school her first response was “GO AWAY”.  Of course you ignored this and went in anyway and if she really didn’t want to see you she would tell you to “B…..   (rhymes with sugar!) Off”.   This actually meant she really liked you!!!


Janet is second from the right and her husband, John, is second from the left.  They were Judges of the Carnival Floats in 2011

DH was a Governor at the school for a number of years eventually being Chair of Governors for four years and so had a lot of contact with Janet, as well as seeing her at social things as well and she really was the most lovely of people but you always knew where you stood with her.  She will be sadly missed by all and the village especially.

We spent the day with some very good friends of ours who knew Janet a lot longer and afterwards the four of us went out for dinner, which was a nice way to end a trying day.

Tomorrow is house jobs day and getting things done before the hectic weekend of swimming events and Remembrance Sunday!! Tomorrow it is the little ones swimming in their Championships so they are aged 5 to 8!!!  I will need something by the time we have finished!!!!!

Happy Thursday everyone

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. farmquilter

    Great planner! You have everything organized so very well. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend…always hard. Certainly makes you cherish those close to you. Adorable picture of Treacle with her Santa hat and new ball!! Tara doesn’t play with toys at all and I bathe her in the sink, so no spa day for her either. Poor dog gets nothing for Christmas!

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