Christmas Monday?


Yesterday was October 1st and I cannot believe that we are in the tenth month of the year!!!  The leaves are really starting to fall now, although the weather is not too bad it has gotten a little colder and been quite rainy.


So this morning was quite grey and cool, having had a lot of rain over the weekend we are being invaded by these hairy eight legged monsters getting out of the cold and rain!!  I picked up a cushion off the floor for our bed and one of these things was running over it!!  I shrieked, Treacle ran and Youngest came to the rescue!!!  After a lot of batting of cushions, pillows we managed to get it on the floor and mostly we try and throw them back outside but this one was not co-operating so he met his end!!!!!  So after a fraught few minutes I started work.



I turned the TV on at lunchtime to discover that True Movies have changed, today October 2nd, to True Christmas!!!!!  Really?  Even if you want to ignore Christmas as it is too early even at the beginning of October you seem to be getting it rammed down your throat every way you turn.

However the weather is putting me in mind of cooking more wintry dinners, so tonight we are having beef casserole with mashed potatoes and peas, the recipe for which is on My Favourite Recipes page if you want to have a go.

Over the weekend, as the weather was not good and we couldn’t get into the garden, I have been busy sorting things out and decluttering all those nooks that are often overlooked, including my sewing box.  This was a box that my Grandmother bought for me and held all my sewing things in, until I started quilting and all my things exploded out of it so I had to use other storage.  When I actually looked at what was in my box I did not need half of the things in there, so I have cleared it out and put things in there for ordinary sewing and not my quilting things. 

As I have started this I am going to carry on and sort out other areas which have not been used or sorted for a while.  There are two major jobs, one is the attic and one is our room off the garage but these cannot be done without a full weekend and in the case of the garage a nice weekend so we can get everything out!!!  However there are still quite a few things I can get done on my own, it will just mean a few trips by DH to the tip/recycling place and the charity shops.  I am also slowly getting the Boys to sort their things too.  Youngest is doing a great job having had his new room but Eldest still needs a little push!!!!  I do love getting these jobs done as I feel a great sense of accomplishment doing it. 

I hope you had a great weekend and Happy Monday.

Hugs, Susie xx


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  1. Molly the AireGirl

    It just turned autumn and we are loving the pumpkins and autumn colors. We’re not ready for red and green yet! Mom made soup this weekend. It’s been cool here and we’re loving it too!
    De cluttering is a good thing~

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