Youngest’s Room Makeover

We have finally finished his room after the last piece of furniture was delivered.  So here is what he had before in 2011 when he was aged 11 and just going to Senior School.


He had his bed this way round so he could have a reading chair in the corner with a lamp.


The wall behind his bed.


Bookshelf and inevitable junk of an 11 year old!


His desk with all the electronics.


His wardrobe with all the games on it.

So now being almost 18 he wanted it to be more sophisticated and less stuff!


His new bed, with his quilt!


Bedside cabinet and new wardrobe.


Where his bed used to be with his guitar and less stuff!


His desk and drawers still in the same place but again with less equipment on it.


New bookshelves and less baggage!


New chest of drawers for all his jumpers/t-shirts/jeans etc.


Behind his door; shelves for all his books/dvds/games etc and his jackets.

It is very tidy at the moment but that may change and I also think that a few more pictures may appear over time but he loves it so that is the main thing.  I am not very keen on the black furniture but it was his choice.  I am glad it is finally done and I also now have my dining room and our room back!!! 

I am still sorting through odd things and getting rid of things I don’t want/need/like and it is true what they say it does give you a great freeing feeling!

It is Girlfriend’s Birthday tomorrow and then Friday it is Goose Fair!!!  Saturday evening it is the first of the swimming club’s championships and we are hoping that the weather is going to be good to get the final bits done in the garden.  I also want to plant some Spring bulbs in the pots.

I know today should be Wednesday Wag but Treacle is off playing with Youngest as he is at home today and not at college!!  She will be back next week.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Youngest’s Room Makeover

  1. farmquilter

    His room certainly has gained sophistication! I understand the black furniture thing…I have a daughter who loves it as well. Love all the swimming medals he has on the shelf. His quilt is perfect on his bed – mom did good!!

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