The Wednesday Wag!


Do you like my bandage?  I hear leopard skin is in this season?!!!!

I was not too impressed with my hoomans yesterday when I thought I was off for a lovely car ride with Daddy and ended up at my Doctors and I wasn’t even feeling ill!!!  I knew something was going on, however, when I did not receive my breakfast in the morning!

I had to wait a long while at the Doctors before they dealt with me but then Daddy came to pick me up by 6.00pm just in time for my dinner at home.


Here I am relaxing in the summer sunshine!

Mom says I would not have had to go if I had not persisted in licking constantly at the wart and making it angry!  What does she know!!!!


I think the pink leopard goes with my Airecut!

Mom has got to take me back tomorrow evening when I get my bandage off and then I will have to wear my collar so I don’t nag at the area again so it can heal completely! 

I hope you are having a better Woofy Wednesday than I.


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Sleep in the sunshine, Treacle, and don’t worry your bandage or the wart area!! You know mom and dad just want you to be happy and healthy. Maybe they need to give you more treats and toys to keep your concentration away from your leg!! Love, Tara (where it is too hot to sleep in the sunshine outside)

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