Sleep oh Sleep!


I don’t know how but I have got into a habit of waking up every night at 3.00am!  I don’t know why it has happened but trying to break the habit is really hard.  I have tried going to bed later, going to bed earlier, reading before I go to sleep, not reading before I go to sleep, a warm drink before bed, a cold drink before bed!  It is so maddening!  Of course with the light mornings the birds start singing at 4.00am and I have heard them now for quite a few days!!!  I don’t think it will resolve itself until we go away on vacation which is the middle of August.  I do know that by the time 4.00pm rolls round I am ready for bed!!!!!!!!


Treacle has spent the day outside and running in and out of the house.  The weathermen are now forecasting a month of extreme heat, but I don’t mind, it will be nice to be able to plan things and not have to worry about the weather.  I am hoping that when our friends come round for dinner we may be able to eat outside.

Work has been busy again today and I then had to take Youngest to get his car as it had been in for a service.  It seems strange having him in the car with me now, now that he has passed his test and is out and about on his own.  It was nice to have him with me though to chat with.

I am hoping to get on with some more quilting this week, fingers crossed. 

I hope you are having a Happy Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x


3 thoughts on “Sleep oh Sleep!

  1. farmquilter

    Horrible habit!! Definitely one that will make you adjust your bedtime…to around 7 or 8? Perhaps some melatonin would help you sleep through the night without the groggy feeling that sleeping pills give you. Over here, I can get it OTC in 1.5, 3.0 and 5.0 strengths. It does not play nicely with all medications (my dad can’t take it with his heart meds), so you may have to do some research! Hope you get back to waking at a decent time soon! Funny how when kids get a driver’s license and a car we rarely see them! But it is so nice not to have to chauffeur them all the time!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    Be careful what you wish for. A month of extreme heat does sound like something that I would want. Better have your mom stock up the freezer with FrostyPaws, Treacle!

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