Monday Moments!

It’s my good friend, Jayne, her Birthday today (this was when she was having a quilting lesson).  I did manage to get to see her today and give her her gifts.  We are both of the age now where we are going backwards instead of forwards, eventually we will reach 0 again!!!!

The weekend was hectic as always, DH and Youngest were putting bunting up around the park in the village last night for the Carnival which is only two weeks away now, fortunately the weather co-operated.  They also finished delivering our batch of the programmes.  This coming weekend we have the swimming club Open for the younger swimmers and on Sunday DH hands over as President of Derbyshire ASA and of course it is Father’s Day too!!

Treacle is now on the mend and I did get some quilting done yesterday and she spent the afternoon with me in the sewing room.   Her snores were getting a little loud though!!!!

The weather is very changeable at the moment and it is now we start taking a lot of notice of the weather because of all the carnival events.  This weekend it is supposed to get a little better with sunshine and warmer temperatures, hopefully it will last!

The following weekend we have some friends coming round for dinner on the Saturday which will be great to see them. 

Work is busy and it is our Year End so I have an extra amount of work to do for that.  Why does it always happen in the same month when we have lots else on?   Our first weekend free is not until the middle of July when Youngest will have finished his first year at college so I am planning on a family get together for that weekend. 

I hope your weekend went well and have a Happy Week.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Monday Moments!

  1. farmquilter

    What did I miss with Treacle?? Poor baby! Sure hope the weather is sunny and warm for your town festival – always difficult when the weather doesn’t cooperate. We have a festival the third weekend of September and last year on Saturday it rained and we lost power in the whole town for a while. It really put a damper on the financial end of the festivities. Since the whole town works on making it profitable, it is really hard when things we can’t control ruin it. Fingers crossed!!

  2. Molly the AireGirl

    Happy Birthday to Miss Jayne! The block she’s working on is very pretty as is yours, Miss Susie! We are so happy that you’re getting better, Treacle☺

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