The Wednesday Wag!

It is very, very warm today and I am definitely a hot dog!!!!!

These are my steps where I keep an eye on the garden and those pesky cats and squirrels.

Here I am on patrol.  It may be really warm but I still need to defend the garden from all incomers!!!!

When it is too hot I come in and lie down on the cool tiles which cover most of the ground floor of our home.  I also push my quilt out of the way to get to the tiles.  I think Mom must be very warm as well, as this picture is a bit blurry of me!!!!

The best thing about the summer weather is that the back door is open all day and I can come and go as I please! (Yes but as you do not have anyone telling you what to do all day Treacle you don’t behave yourself in the evening!!!!!!  You were quite naughty last night!)

I promise I will be good Mom!

Woof Treacle.

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    I also like keeping my yard free of squirrels, cats and birds, as well as having a go at the dogs that live behind me through the fence. What did you do, Treacle, that was so naughty? I was naughty a few weeks ago…I chewed up my mom’s night-guard so she had to go back to the dentist and buy a new one! Keep the garden safe, Tara


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