Some days it is hard to find words, that have not all been said before, to describe the feelings about such a senseless act.   We are thinking of all the people affected by last night’s atrocity.

1927 – 2017

Also in the news Sir Roger Moore, the third actor to play James Bond, another National Treasure passed away today!   Not a good day at all in some ways.

However, here is Youngest (on the right in the picture) dressed as a Court Clerk for his second day as an Extra on the TV Series Victoria. 

This is a headless picture as he does not like the look of his hair, which is flattened with oil and very heavy on his forehead!!!!!  I love the costume though.  The week before he was playing a French soldier!!!

The above picture is from the first Series of Victoria during the Coronation scene (which one of the Boys former Head of Year was playing an Extra!).  Can’t wait for the second series to begin, probably in the Autumn, and spend the time trying to spot Youngest.

Treacle is loving the weather at the moment and has spent all of the morning and most of this afternoon here!!! 

Lots of Hugs today for everyone, Susie x

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  1. Judy

    So very sad, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone in England especially those who lost loved ones.

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