Thursday Again?!

Thursday seems to have come round quicker this week as we had Monday off.  It throws off my whole week!!!  I have had a few errands to run today and visited the physio for my hip which is getting better but slowly.

Today the country is voting in the local elections so I went off to vote after lunch having to time it right from the rush in the morning, the people voting during their lunch hour and before the Moms are voting after school!!!!!  I must have got it right as there was no one in!!!

I also popped in to see some friends in the village to arrange for them to come round for dinner.  Having sorted our dates the first we both had free was June 24th!!!  It is great that we all have so many things to do and at least it will give me plenty of time to plan the menu. 

It was announced today that the Duke of Edinburgh is to cease public duties from the Autumn but will appear at some events with the Queen.  I hope that I, at the grand age of 96, am still as active as the Duke.  He has done his job for the past seventy years and I think he deserves a break.  DH was at an event where the Duke was the keynote speaker and he said it was the best after dinner speech he had ever heard, of course the Duke was only 86 at the time!!!!!

Tomorrow is house jobs day and grocery shopping.  The weather today has been glorious with sunshine and been warmer than the last few days.  The weekend Saturday is not so good but Sunday is supposed to be nice so we will be out tackling the garden!  Goodness knows what wildlife we will find, hopefully not the snake again!!!!  Treacle will be helping.

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Thursday Again?!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    We heard the news about the Duke. I wonder if we’ll make it to 96. Wow!
    The film does have sad parts and it has happy parts and funny parts and heart-warming parts. It has it all.

  2. farmquilter

    I wonder if the Duke was born the same year as my father – 1921?? Dad will be 96 in June, so I totally get how little energy folks that age have. The Queen is amazing in the schedule she keeps. Will the next King be Prince Charles or Prince William?? Interesting all the speculation here in America about the Royal Family…I do love seeing pictures of Prince William, Prince Harry, Duchess Katherine and the adorable children.

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