The Wednesday Wag!

Mom and I have been very busy all day at work.  In fact Mom was so busy that she didn’t realise the time and my lunchtime biscuit was an hour and a half late!  I mean really!

And to add to the time, Mom sent me outside in the garden before she would let me have my biscuit!  I had a quick patrol of the grounds to make sure there were no squirrels or cats hiding and raced back in!  Today the weather was nice this morning with lots of sunshine but then clouded over and it has gone cold again!  Mom turned the heat off again yesterday and is now regretting it!!!!  Now it is May we were hoping for some better weather but it hasn’t appeared yet!

Mom says she and Dad are hoping to get some gardening done at the weekend if the weather co-operates and I will be there to help, well supervise!

How is your Wednesday?

Woof, Treacle

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