The Wednesday Wag!

Mom has been busy with work this morning but then did some tidying in the sewing room, otherwise known as Eldest’s room, so I have been keeping her company!

I did get into trouble earlier though as I had not long had my breakfast when I was pestering Youngest for my lunchtime biscuit!  Mom came downstairs at 12.00 Noon when I have my biscuit and I was right on her heels and I got into trouble for almost knocking her downstairs.  Mom said it was obviously the Witching Hour but as it was Noon it was the Airedale Hour and I was obviously hexing her if I did not get my biscuit!

I decided to make myself scarce this afternoon and have been on Mom and Dad’s bed as the sun shines through their bedroom windows in the afternooon and although it is cold today it is nice and warm in the sunshine.

Eldest and Girlfriend came for a visit last night and so I had a great time with them and was sad when they went.

Mom says she has lots of quilting to do at the weekend so I can keep her company in the sewing room and then Monday they have house jobs to do, so I will be staying out of the way if the vacuum cleaner is out all day again.  I hate that vacuum cleaner!

I hope you are having a woofy Wednesday


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