Monday Mayhem!

Monday sure came round fast this week!  Well no quilting got done because by Saturday I was exhausted!!!  It had been a really busy week business wise and making sure all the work got done meant working late and we were all up early on Saturday for DH and Youngest to go swimming so by lunchtime I was beat!!!  I know that if I do do any sewing it usually goes wrong when I am tired, so I may as well save time un-picking by not actually doing it!!!! 

Sunday, with DH’s help, I got a lot more Spring Cleaning done.  DH helped with the heavy lifting and moving of furniture and Treacle just kept us company.  In fact the weather was quite nice so she had the back door open so she could poddle in and out as she pleased, so by last night she was a tired little girl!  We got a lot done and in fact we just have the kitchen to do next weekend (which is another long weekend for us) and three bookcases to sort and tidy and then it will be done for another year!

DH is at a swimming event next Saturday and Sunday as President so I will have lots of quilting time then.

Youngest went back to college today after Spring Break which was a shock to the system after two weeks off but it is only five weeks in this term before he gets May half term off!!  However it will then be seven weeks before the end of this first year of college (okay so where did that year go?!!!!) which will take us up to the end of July (okay so where is this year going?!!!!) and we will then be looking forward to our summer vacation!!!!  Do you want to know how long it is until Christmas!!!!!!!!! 🙂 (245 Days)

Speaking of Christmas I am busy trying to sort out a swimming club trip to see the above Pantomime at the beginning of December!!!!  You see you have to sort things out this early to make the bookings so I have an excuse to talk about Christmas!!!!  The parents think I am mad sorting this now at the start of Spring but believe you me it is like moving the Seventh Fleet to organise a trip and you should see the paperwork!

I am going to get some home jobs done tomorrow as I have managed to get caught up with work and do some grocery shopping.  Our weather is forecast to be cold for a few days so the heating is back on again (!)  with possible snow flurries!  We didn’t get any snow in the winter months but now its Spring, we get snow!!!!

I hope your week is starting off well.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Monday Mayhem!

  1. farmquilter

    Monday was mayhem here as well…my dad had to have the generator replaced on his pacemaker and at almost 96, it was a bit more stressful then it was the last time! I had him at the hospital at 10:00 and he was to go home at 2:00…and I had an eye doctor appointment at 11:00 on the other side of town. I got him settled in pre-op then dashed to the eye doc (good news, my floaters are shrinking!) then hustled back to the hospital a little after 12:00, expecting to see him in post-op. Well, someone had a heart attack and needed the OR suite so his surgery got put off until 3:00!! I went home to let Tara out and eat lunch when I get a call at 3:45 that I could pick him up at 4:30. He tried to be independent when getting ready for bed but needed help with his shirts and his PJ top. At least I didn’t go to work tonight!! Hang in there, we will actually get some piecing and quilting done!!

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