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My mobile phone was one of these and it worked fine.  I use it obviously a lot for work and being a Blackberry it did not have all the social media apps on as we don’t use them and it was great then it decided to stop charging properly and of course, in this day and age, nothing can be repaired, so I have had to have a new phone.

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So now I have one of these!  Oh boy is it different and DH has upgraded his Blackberry Passport to a new Sony, different to mine, and we had to spend a few hours on Sunday setting them up.  The only thing we didn’t go through was how to answer the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Mine rang yesterday, fortunately it was DH and I had no clue how to answer it!  I finally worked it out but it was one of those “Oh good grief” moments!!!!!

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Image result for cartoon with new phone

Do you think we all use our phones too much?  DH and the Boys get very cross with me as I put it down in the house and then leave it there and forget about it, they get quite irate when they are calling or texting me and I don’t answer.  I think I am going to teach Treacle how to face time and she can answer my phone for me!!!!!!!

I must admit that I do sometimes think back to when I was small and you had a house phone and that was it and people could only get hold of you at home.  Of course to the Boys this is just horrendous.  Of course during the 1970’s we had to cope with the three day week and electricity strikes where the electricity would go off in the evening for several hours.  I cannot imagine today’s children coping with no phones, computers or anything else which needs charging!!!!  When the Boys ask about what we did, my family read books by candle light and stayed warm by a real fire, to them it seems per-historic!!!!!!!!!!

How is your Tuesdays going?

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “New Phone!

  1. Molly the AireGirl

    You will simply not believe this, Miss Susie, but mom still has a flip top phone and she only carries it for emergencies. She seldom uses it. Yes, she is prehistoric☺

  2. farmquilter

    My dad has a flip phone that he usually forgets to charge or take with him anywhere! We still have the old house phone at the farm because there is no cell service out here!! It’s funny, though…even with “No Service” showing on my phone, I can get text messages at the farm. I can’t reply and phone calls don’t work! Hubby can’t even get text messages…he has an Android and I have my daughter’s old iPhone. I hate having to learn a new phone…so complex!!! Perhaps a vacation is necessary to somewhere that has no cell phone service, no internet, no TV and precious little radio…the boys need to see what life was like when their ancient parents were kids!!

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