Monday Again!

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Yep that’s about how I feel today!  DH is away all week for work and Eldest is away all week for work too so it is just Youngest, Treacle and I at home!!! 

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Wrong!  It came in like a lamb so it is going out like a lion!!!  Saturday night it was blowing a gale and Youngest had his window open which then meant that the door, which was closed, was clicking in the latch which freaked Treacle out.  So at 3.30am she was on our bed laying between DH and I shivering, so I spent the rest of the night trying to calm her! 

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Well it may be on the calendar but it is cold and heavy rain here today!  Spring yeah right!

Over the weekend I did some more quilting and getting the bindings sewn to the back of the quilts and yes I actually did some quilting on National Quilting Day on Saturday!  Needless to say jobs are not getting done, although DH did mow the lawn yesterday!!!  Treacle supervised.

Almost finished the baby quilt which is needed for the end of this week.  I have finished the one quilt but can’t show it just yet as the person who it is for reads my blog (!) and I have the other baby quilt to finish the binding on which is required in another eight weeks approximately.  We seem to be surrounded by babies at the moment as Eldest & Youngest’s driving instructor he and his wife have just had a baby girl, Emma. 

I hope your Monday and the start of the week is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    In the 40s, gray and windy here at the farm! We are supposed to get rain tonight with more flooding! I’m quite looking forward to returning to my dad’s where it is much warmer!! I did some quilting – trying to get a quilt quilted for her that she sent me before Christmas!! She has been so very patient!!! Looking forward to seeing your quilts soon!!!

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