Warm Day!


Today, thanks to the jet stream pushing further north, it has been 18°C recorded at Kew Gardens in London.  Here it has been a little cooler but definitely mild, but it still did not persuade Treacle to be outside any longer than necessary.


What I have noticed over the last few days with the bit warmer weather is several Ladybirds waking up and appearing in our home!!!!!  Obviously towards the end of Autumn they are hibernating in our home over winter and as it has been warm are now venturing out.  My only concern is it is due to get cooler again at the end of the week so hope that they are going to survive.


DH and Youngest spent the whole weekend swimming and I spent the whole weekend quilting!  I got one of the baby quilts pieced and have now started on the actual quilting.  I am not doing a heavy quilt on it as it will detract from the fabric but will show you when it is done.  Next weekend will be the same as last so I am hoping to get the other baby quilt made as well.

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Friday I had coffee with Jayne and managed to catch up on months of not having seen each other,  It was a great couple of hours and we are determined to not let it me so long before we see each other again.

Today has been a work day and I managed to catch up, so feel really pleased with myself!!!!

I hope you are having a great Monday

Hugs, Susie x

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2 thoughts on “Warm Day!

  1. farmquilter

    So glad it has been warm for you!! 40 degrees F here with rain that started last night continuing through Wednesday! We are expecting up to 2 inches of rain here and 3-5 feet of snow in the mountains around us! At home on the farm they are getting a bunch of rain…washing out roadways, creating lakes where roads used to be and flooding basements!! Makes me glad I’m here and don’t have to deal with slogging through the mud to feed the horses!!! It has certainly been an interesting winter here on the west coast of the USA and our water reservoirs and aquifers are being replenished after years of drought. Enjoy the warm and crank out those quilts while the men are away 🙂

  2. Molly and Mackie

    Our mom would sure love to go inside Kew Gardens! How beautiful! We’ve had ladybugs winter over inside our house too. Some years we have more ladybugs and some years less. And we’ve had your warmer temps, Treacle! Aren’t they great☺

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