Happy Valentine’s Day!

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It’s Valentine’s Day and if you actually look up the meaning there seems to be lots of different interpretations over the years.  However they all mention love and lets face it we can all do with more of that! 

DH and I don’t go out, but I will cook a special meal.  The few times we have been out for Valentine’s Day the meal has not been good, the restaurant is packed and they want you to eat up and leave quickly so they can get another set of diners in!!!!  Which really goes against the whole romantic evening!!!!  Also the price goes up, so we don’t go now.   I would sooner go out a few weeks later and not have all the stress.

I will tell you a little story though.  DH, BC (Before Children!!!!) was away on business in London for the week and had several business meetings some of which were in the evening.  So on the Wednesday evening he had arranged to meet a business colleague at a restaurant near his hotel in Knightsbridge.  They got settled and ordered dinner and were talking business when a man walked in playing a violin!  They thought it a little strange but carried on.  Then another waiter came round the tables handing out red roses to the ladies who were dining there.  Again they thought it strange but carried on with business, until the Violin player appeared at their table and serenaded them!!!!  He was,of course, asked to move on and he told them it wasn’t the right attitude for Valentine’s Day!!!!  Of course DH and his colleague had no idea it was February 14th!  It was just another business day to them!!!!! 

In fact DH is usually away on Valentine’s Day at a business exhibition although this year it has moved to March!  Wonders will never cease!!!!!

I hope everyone has a lovely evening with their loved ones.

Hugs, Susie x

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